I don’t know why but I tend to feel more responsible for things which happen around me even though I may not be responsible for it. May be I am not expressive about it. But some way or the other I would be worrying about it. It dates back even to my school days.

I still remember how I was worried about a guy, who did not receive his hall ticket for his 10th standard board exam from cbse even on the day before the exams were about to start. One thing was that, being his house mate, I was worried considering his academic record. And the other thing was that, I made the application entries for my whole batch in the applicant's roll list for the exam to be sent to cbse. I thought, may be I had committed some mistake while making entries. But luckily he was able to write the exam and after that he received his hall ticket.

I used to worry about the people with whom I share some of the best memories, because they studied with me and I used to help them a lot. Still they ended up waiting some time to get going into the post-school life. Two of them are in college and they are one of the popular people in their college. The other two, they would probably be millionaires by the time I start counting my own pennies. One more guy, he really deserves everything that he has achieved and probably more. He is someone, whom I look upon as a real inspiration. The way he conducted himself throughout the school life, and the merits with which he passed out, it really serves as a motivation to many people. He has the distinction of being the first 'real' amaravian to get into the NDA.

And I am amazed that they have not only managed to survive, but excel in some field or the other. Of course, I am not trying to underestimate them. But I am glad for them and my sincere appreciations to them. The thoughts of them spurs me on even now. And I wish that they achieve much more wonders as they leave their footprints in this world...

A bridge too far

Almost a month since my last. I've managed to get past the dragon without getting burnt. At the same time, I dint miss an opportunity to grab some treasures on the way and am happy about it too. I guess a bit of luck and work paid off. But I am not counting my chickens yet. So fingers crossed…..

In the meantime, there has not been a shortage of things to keep me engaged. The dusk of the footballing season, IPL adding spice to them.

For two people to get on together well, similarity is not an essential component. When it comes to a group mission, it doesn’t work that way. If people are not ready to accommodate the views of others, it becomes almost impossible to carry on. But being together for so many days, and still not understanding each other is what baffles me the most. I am intrigued by this because I cant find fault with anyone. And I wont try coercing. It is their choice to make. I do not want me to be the cause for which any decision is made as I have already enough of that burden on me. When the basis of a group is not there, then what is the use of being a part of it. I sincerely hope that atleast some effort is made to implement things which is already known. What is the use of education? I agree that it is very limited in the perspective of life. I hate to see things being done by people about whom I had a very different opinion. And I hate to see people never learning from their past.

And why is it that people do not get going till they are under fire. Ok.. I should not speak about it when I have been like that for long time. But, is trying to be prepared for war before it actually happens, a mistake. There is a limit between safely getting away from the dragon's fire and escaping with a close shave.