Hope it doesn’t come true

It was so dark that I struggled to see the road ahead of me. My legs were moving so fast that I was wondering where all this energy came from. Yet, I felt I had more energy to run some more distance. The crowd chasing me were not giving up. I too did not. Then suddenly I felt someone closing the distance on me. In the momentary flash light that swept across the road ahead of me, I took a chance see the face of the man. A muscular, brown-skinned guy in olive green cargoes, with beard. He came up to me and was trying to make friendly conversations with me. I could almost feel the violent thoughts of the crowd chasing me. I did not realize my speed, or the pursuing danger as we were talking. A high pitched voice from the crowd screamed at me to run faster and then I understood that they were chasing my companion and not me. I closely observed him for the first time. Around his waist was an olive green coloured belt with grenades studded to it. The horror of it inspired me and my legs were a blur. The trees flew past me along the road and I made a good distance between me and him. And then I saw it. A building ruined, almost resembling a british fort made of white marbles and light pouring out of its windows. I covered the distance in seconds. In a fluid motion, I was ascending in the air and moments later, my feet landed on the top of the three storeyed fort. I turned out to sit on the topmost wall of the fort cross-legged. The sound of the chasing crowd was getting closer….. And then I heard a hoot behind me.
As the wave of realization hit, instinctively I reached for my jeans pockets. My wallet and mobile were safe and I turned just in time to see the train chugging into the salem junction. It was 3:00 in the morning and two hours away from my home.