2 The Conscious

Whaaam! Something hit him hard at the back and it brought him back to reality. Something warm and bright was giving him a hard time in keeping his eye lids closed. And the smell of frying tomatoes joined in disturbing his sleep.
"If you are not getting up within two minutes and brushing, I am going to drag you into the bathroom" his father's voice interrupted his epiphany. Some dream it was….
It was indeed the morning of Monday. Another week of school before the next Sunday. He never relished at the prospect of going to school nor was he bored, but sort of frightened. Even though he was the topper of the class, he was never comfortable enough to deal with teachers with great confidence. But he enjoyed a good company of friends, mostly girls and a few boys. So his school time was not as bad.
The sun had just started to show its full wraith on the soil when he reached the school, with his sister of course. Both of them waved good bye to their father and turned to go to their classes. He was in second and she was in fifth standard. They did not talk to each other, for they were still quarreling over some silly incident. At the best, they adored each other like an ideal brother-sister and yet they fought like cats and dogs at their worst. Whatever happened, they would never let their parents know, unless it was something serious.
Many a times his father would ask "How did u get that scratch on your hand?". He would say "I don’t know. I must have fallen somewhere". But secretly he would be scolding his sister.

Today was one such day. They walked together to show their dad, who was watching from across the fence, that nothing was wrong in between them. The school bell rang out piercing all the conversations that were happening around. Everybody hurried to their classes. She turned and scowled at him, probably contemplating whether to say good bye to him or not. If she said, then it would mean talking to him. So she wont say. "If she doesn’t say anything, then why should I?" he thought. He gave an i-don’t-care-whatever-you-do look and turned away without a second glance to his class...



September 7, 2009 at 12:27 PM

this is history in the making..anyways akka gnabagam la varutha..


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September 8, 2009 at 1:20 AM

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