I have been asked/persuaded to start a blog for so many months by someone(not the one who has made me start one right now), but i have been in denial mode giving myself a variety of excuses to shy away from it. Whenever i start something new that is completely unknown to you before, i tend to start thinking how it will fit me / how i will fit into it and its consequences and etc etc. 
As i had my initial thoughts to start this one, my intutions came to the fore to scream at me that i should have done this earlier for various reasons. One thing is,  i am not a good writer but i believe that i am capable of putting my thoughts to pen. 

"Try and fail but dont fail to try". 

So here i am.

I too had many wannabe's (as most us do), but they were just wannabe's and they never converted to I am. The reasons for it, I was never supposed to know. But it has changed my lifestyle very much. Socially , i might have been the same, but to myself I am not the one who I was 3 years ago. Of course everybody change with time and I too have changed. It was more like breaking the shell and coming out. It felt more secure, bright and challenging to be in there. But my destiny is far from the place i wanted to be. I am still coming to terms with it. 

In due course, I have developed various interests in unexpected areas esp. football. Previously i had never thought of any other sport happenings(except cricket of course ) off the playing field. 
But I was introduced to "The beautiful game" after i joined my college. In my first year people used to ask me which English  club do i support. For various reasons, i always told i supported none. But I always felt an affinity to Chelsea, which no other club made me feel. May be it was due to one of my best friends supporting the same. But i never knew much about football at that time. Probably that was the main factor because even though Chelsea did not win the Premiership in that season, I still supported them. They did not play exciting football that Arsenal did, nor they scored as many goals as Manchester United did. Liverpool was out of my choice anyway. As I watched the season come to an end, I hoped always that chelsea should win in any match. And I turned supporter from the 07-08 season. But supporting Chelsea has not been as smooth as i expected it to be. There has been so much turbulence in the club that it felt like a storm in the ocean. But winning is not assured for anyone and it has to be part and parcel of the game. Last year, Chelsea did not win any silverware even though we came agonisingly close to lose it. And this year we have already staged more drama than last year. But what the fans can do is only hope and I am doing that. And there is a man who has done a great job with Australia, South Korea and PSV Eindhoven holding the reins at Chelsea currently. 

Watching matches every weekend, visiting football sites regularly has become very much a part of daily life and has opened up new avenues for killing boredom. 

Have a good day!