Sexto Semestre

Two men, both basketball players and victims of their own deeds. One's wife is the best friend of other. Two girls, the best of friends. One has an eye for fashion and the other capable of expressing herself through art and music. A father, who manages to have the trust of the town but not of his own family. The fictional town in North Carolina has managed to keep itself and me interested for quite sometime. 

In the meantime, the grit cold nights have changed to nights impossible without air coolers. The 6th sem has gone in a flash prevailing for just 3 months, the shortest one till now. Come April and I am facing the prospect of facing the inevitable -  exams, the ones which will haunt me for quite some years and may be beyond that too. 

Though i scored my highest marks in a sem this time, i expected myself to fare much better. A not so sharp mind, some pre-conceived notions and reduced expectations combined to let me down. But i still have reasons to celebrate... for this sem has given me some confidence. I won some competitions and managed to get back to form with public speaking. Had a trip to remember for a lifetime. 

The ability to turn this part of time into an academically memorable one still lies with me and i endeavour to do so.. 


  Pawan Singh

April 9, 2009 at 10:05 AM

Best of luck buddy for a successful life