The courage of conviction

Courage takes various forms. Facing the enemy and going all out against him shows your  courage. Standing up for the things that you feel strongly about is courage.  To rise from the ashes and pursue your ambition shows courage. When the whole world is going against you, showing the middle finger and continuing your work in the best interests is courage. So is it, to own up to your mistakes and to come forward and accepting it. That, is called the courage of conviction.


A cold night, many laps of rolling, a few hundreds of push ups, some hockey stick bashing, and an unholy holy dip have taught me exactly that - the courage of conviction. I remember the man who taught me that. I remember his method of teaching - tough, but more than that, I remember what he taught me. I think it will remain etched in my heart forever. Well, that's how I learnt what it is and what it means to have the courage of conviction. 


I thought it was over. But not just yet. Much more to come the next morning. If you do not know who did a mistake, you should shut up. Of course I did not try to pin-point someone, rather I tried to protect them and I ended up being sorry for doing that.


The courage of conviction is fine when you have done a mistake. But it is horribly terrible when you have not done anything, yet you feel you are accused of it. And worse when it concerns your friends. I have the courage of conviction to accept and own up for my mistake, whatever it may be, and I will try to set it right, come whatever may. Oh! What the heck! May be I am just complicating my thoughts…..